The deep, dark secret of the church is that the beliefs and convictions of Christians are often shaped far more by the hymns we sing than the theological tomes gathering dust on our bookshelves. Songs are avenues for praising God, but they are also tools for imparting knowledge. Singing is a theological exercise, so the words printed in hymnbooks or flashed on screens deserve attention and reflection.

A Hymn We Sung Last Week

Christ has called us to new visions

Christ has call us to new visions, here to celebrate and praise, here confess our old divisions, here our peace petitions raise. Come repentant, come forgiving, come in joy and hope and prayer.  Christ. once crucified, now living, bids us faith and love to share.

As we listen to each other, as we speak in joy and pain, we become as sister, brother, reconciled at one again.  Only thus in work and feeling for our neighbor far or near can we worship God, revealing gifts of grace among us here.

All creation struggles, yearning for a time of true shalom.  Are we trying, are we learning now to make the earth out home?  For the hungry and despairing, for the poor of all the earth, make us partners, burdens sharing, bringing all a sense of worth.

Christ still calls us, young and again, men and women, bound and free, colors, talents, thoughts engaging, joined in one community.  Christ remolding, healing, leading, sins forgiven!  Life restored! Let us live, God's justice heeding, strengthened by our risen Lord.