The deep, dark secret of the church is that the beliefs and convictions of Christians are often shaped far more by the hymns we sing than the theological tomes gathering dust on our bookshelves. Songs are avenues for praising God, but they are also tools for imparting knowledge. Singing is a theological exercise, so the words printed in hymnbooks or flashed on screens deserve attention and reflection.

A Hymn We Sung Last Week


God of wonder, God of thunder,
God of impact and release,
God of riddle and of reason,
God of passion and of peace—
to your mystery and marvel
we return to give you praise,
every year with you beginning
to the closing of our days.

Seasons’ turning, seasons’ learning,
all are held within your span:
times of growing, times of knowing
love in woman, child, and man,
calendar of calm and crisis,
hurt and healing, high success,
all the instants of our being
now we bring for you to bless.

For we name you and we claim you,
Father, Mother, Spirit, Friend:
you are vision past our vision,
you are end beyond our end;
all the circles, all the cycles
of our little finite phase
now we give into your keeping,
trusting you through all our days.