The deep, dark secret of the church is that the beliefs and convictions of Christians are often shaped far more by the hymns we sing than the theological tomes gathering dust on our bookshelves. Songs are avenues for praising God, but they are also tools for imparting knowledge. Singing is a theological exercise, so the words printed in hymnbooks or flashed on screens deserve attention and reflection.

A Hymn We Sung Last Week


Holy Wisdom, Lamp of Learning

Holy Wisdom, lamp of learning,
bless the light that reason lends.
Teach us judgment as we kindle
sparks of thought your Spirit sends.
Sanctify our search for knowledge
and the truth that sets us free.
Come, illumine mind and spirit
joined in deepest unity.

Vine of truth, in you we flourish;
by your grace we learn and grow.
May the word of Christ among us
shape our life, our search to know.
Joined to Christ in living, dying,
may we help the church convey
witness to the saving gospel,
bearing fruit of faith today.

Holy God, the hope of nations,
tune us toward your righteous will,
as the symphony of ages
claims our best, our finest skill.
Shape our search for peace and justice
through prophetic deed and word.
Christ, conduct us, set our rhythm,
that God’s praise be ever heard.